About Us

Sponsored by the Cal Alumni Association, the Cal Alumni Student Association (CASA) is the flagship student group at UC Berkeley for alumni and students to connect. CASA hosts alumni networking events, organizes community service projects, and provides leadership and professional development opportunities and workshops. CASA also hosts annual recognition receptions for its members and the broader Cal community as a continuation of its tradition of cultivating the top leaders at Cal.


The Cal Alumni Student Association aims to provide students at UC Berkeley with opportunities to become leaders within their community, while also connecting current students with Cal alumni. We aim to be the flagship student group for engagement between students and alumni and to build future dedicated alumni leaders.


The Cal Alumni Student Association aims to inspire UC Berkeley students to become loyal and engaged alumni through volunteerism, community building, and philanthropy. CASA will be a community of engaged student leaders that will support the mission of the Cal Alumni Association and the University of California, Berkeley.

CASA will:

  1. Provide its members with opportunities to develop their professional and leadership skills.
  2. Be a highly visible vehicle for alumni engagement between students and alumni, particularly young alumni.
  3. Host events that are effective yield devices for future UC Berkeley leaders.

Support CASA

As a completely student-run organization, we would appreciate any donations to help support our future programming.