Join Our Team

More information regarding Spring 2022 applications will be released shortly. Check back here for updates about upcoming recruitment!

CASA plans events throughout the year and manages an annual budget of over $130K. We are looking for motivated, creative individuals to join our team. Directors and coaches are a very important part of CASA’s leadership team, and play a strong role in creating and executing the programs and logistics of all CASA events. We welcome all Cal students to apply from across various years and academic departments!

Directors and coaches can expect to learn general professional skills working in a large organization as well as specific departmental skills depending on division and previous experience. All applicants are encouraged to reflect on their previous experience as well as teamwork and collaboration skills when applying. We have an open and inclusive culture, where we encourage members to learn and grow from each other.

Our Departments



  • Social media accounts (Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Designing flyers and promotional materials
  • Set up and maintain internal newsletter


  • Budget for academic year
  • Accounting/finance forms/docs/resources
  • Reimbursements and CAA Accounting
  • Fundraisers, sponsorships, partnerships involving money


  • Coordinating event timelines with external and internal affairs
  • Sourcing vendors, room reservations, event room layouts etc. 
  • Coordinating with finance to determine feasibility of events and associated logistics
  • Managing the website
  • Collect feedback from events and reporting results to rest of CASA

Internal Affairs

  • Recruitment/DEI
  • Org. Structure maintenance
  • Internal Socials
  • End of Year Banquet
  • Professional Development for Members
  • Outreach/relationship management for CASA members alumni
  • Point of contact for CAA

External Affairs

  • Conducting events such as OSP
  • Reaching out to other organizations to collaborate on events
  • Establishing connections with external companies


CASA members with at least 1.5 years of CASA experience will have the opportunity to serve as directors. Directors will help oversee CASA activities on the large scale and support members in their respective committee responsibilities.


  • Oversee their respective CASA committee
  • Year long position
  • Help guide and train committee members